Photo of Dwight Leatham, writerI’m Dwight Leatham. For five-plus years, I worked as a writer and editor at law firm Freshfields. Before this, I was a partner and designer at Precise Communication.

I’m good at making sense of complex topics and at stripping these down in words.

The status quo

Lots of big companies claim they’re different or one of the so-called leading                   (blank for you to fill) in their sector. Yet few spell out what this thing that makes them special is, let alone the edge it gives their clients.

It’s a hard one to pin down for services. Even when you do, it’s harder to describe to outsiders in a way that’s concise and credible. Which leads some companies to imitate their nearest neighbour, which imitates its nearest and so on. That’s why so many companies sound alike, not to say dull.

A point of difference

It takes a bold company to want to break this cycle. Then, you need someone who enjoys what it takes to get the most out of words — writing and rewriting, and rewriting again and again.

Not most people’s idea of fun, I know, but it is mine.

I write widely, and by choice I’m far from an expert in your sector. Better still, I think like an outsider — or likely client — who’s keen to know what difference you’d make. Curious about the finer points of why you’re better than your rivals, I delve beyond the nonsense they go on about, to answer the ‘So what?’ question.


I have an MA in professional writing, with distinction. I’m a member of writers’ group 26; I’m on LinkedIn, too.